Mark Your Calendars! LCEF Sunday is Coming May 6, 2018

“Grounded in Faith”

This year’s LCEF Sunday theme, “Grounded in Faith” reflects LCEF’s grounded partnership with ministries, especially Faith and Work Enterprises in Baltimore, Maryland.
Your participation in this annual event will be fun. We will supply you with all of the LCEF Sunday promotional materials for your congregation. All we ask is that you say a few words about LCEF (we’ll supply the talking points) and have pamphlets available for members to pick up after the service. Donuts (we’ll reimburse for refreshments) are always a good choice, too!
Just as coffee and chocolate pair perfectly together, so does LCEF and LCMS ministries. LCEF strives to stay grounded in their mission to be the premier provider for loans, support services and investment opportunities.
This year’s annual LCEF Sunday promotional event will be held on Sunday, May 6, 2018. We invite all of our Advocates to participate in LCEF Sunday, lifting up this important LCMS ministry partnership and celebrating LCEF’s faithful service to help expand and enhance ministry.
"Be Blessed" chocolate bar

“Be Blessed” chocolate bar

The Southeastern District-LCEF is delighted to partner with Faith and Work Enterprises in Baltimore, Md. to provide a tasty treat for everyone that hosts this year’s LCEF Sunday.  Through LCEF’s Kaleidoscope Fund, Faith and Work Enterprises have created a wonderful outreach ministry opportunity for Baltimore’s inner city men to work as chocolatiers making “Be Blessed” chocolate bars. We will send a chocolate bar and a bag of “This is Most Certainly Brew” coffee to you as our thank you for hosting LCEF Sunday at your church. Please check with your pastor and place LCEF Sunday, May 6, on the church calendar.  If that date does not work, please choose an alternate date to support this annual LCEF promotion opportunity. You are a blessing to LCEF. We couldn’t reach the people in the pews with the message of LCEF without YOU.
We look forward to hearing from you that your church plans to host LCEF Sunday, “Grounded in Faith” on May 6 or an alternate date. Please note how many bulletin inserts you will need, where they should be sent and if you also want electronic media to support your efforts. RSVPs can be directed to Vicki Edwards at or 800-637-5723.























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