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The Lutheran Church Extension Fund is the ministry partner that, through investments, loans and services assists LCMS congregations and schools to further God’s Kingdom. LCEF is the preferred Lutheran organization that provides specialized and personalized services for ministries.

The mission of The Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) is to support the Church in fulfilling its mission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ by being a Christ-centered servant partner of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, ensuring that funds and services are available now and in the future. We are a ministry, first and foremost, with the intent on sharing tools and resources to help build, transform, and keep vital our church so that we may share our faith.

LCEF uses gifts and investments from Christian partners to offer LCMS congregations, schools, child-care centers, and other programs low-cost loans and ministry services, including those that lift up rostered church workers. It is truly a blessing to help spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

LCEF – where investments build ministry!



Helping You – Helping the Church

LCEF offers a wide array of investment opportunities to help The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregations and individuals meet their investment goals while supporting the overall mission and ministry of the Church.

As an LCEF investor, you earn competitive rates of interest, retain ownership of investment balances, and maintain accessibility of funds. While meeting your investment goals, you can share the use of your invested resources with fellow Lutherans (Like Hope Lutheran Church, Wake Forest N.C.), making LCEF loans and related services possible.

For more information on LCEF investments, please call one of our information reps at 1-800-843-5233 or click on one of the links below – they will take you to

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Organizational Investments



LCEF provides low-cost loans to build space and place to help fulfill God’s mission.

LCEF provides low-cost loans to build space and place to help fulfill God’s mission.

Whether you need commercial loan assistance to build, remodel or purchase equipment for your church or if your congregation would like to refinance their current bank loan, LCEF can provide many types of loan products to help you.

LCEF offers construction and permanent loans to new and existing congregations, schools, recognized service organizations, and partner churches around the world.

If your congregation is considering its loan options, please contact Steve Heemann, District LCEF Vice President at (800)637-5723.

Types of Loans Available


Frequently Asked Questions



Look at all of the ways we can help.

LCEF provides ministry services to help your congregation grow your capacity for mission and ministry. We also provide convenient financial services to make transactions simple for investors. Click on the links below to learn more about our services.

Ministry Services:

Financial Services:


LCEF Making a Difference in the Southeastern District

 IMG_0175    IMG_0173  IMG_0180   Lutheran Church of Our Savior, Bryans Road Md.

Lutheran Church of Our Savior in Bryans Road, Md. is a congregation that has been blessed with some very unique characteristics. Their pastor, Rev. Chris Ogne, a very personable, outgoing, motivational leader, who also relates very well to the unchurched people in their community, along with the members have made relational outreach their ministry priority. Every Saturday, members of the congregation meet, begin with devotions, then head out into the community to spread the Gospel and invite people to attend the church.

These intentional efforts have resulted in growth from an average of 40 people in worship (in 2003) to an average weekly attendance of 210. This wonderful outreach has also presented a wonderful challenge of insufficient space. This past September, the congregation celebrated the dedication of their new 6400 square foot building including worship space, offices, large narthex, and classrooms. This small congregation has already raised $616,000 towards this project, and have put their faith and trust in the Lord to pledge $100,000 per year until the mortgage is paid off. This congregation truly “gets ministry.” The Lutheran Church Extension Fund is pleased to be a lending partner with Lutheran Church of Our Savior for their construction loan to assist this vital, expanding, energized congregation.

Should you have any questions about LCEF, please contact Steve Heemann at the Southeastern District office at (800)637-5723 or

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