The ministry of Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) is to assist in providing “space and place” for ministry through loans and services to congregations while also providing resources designed to help bring others to Christ. Investments made with LCEF by members of LCMS congregations provide the funds that are used to offer customized loans to LCMS churches, schools and organizations. Many ministries in the Southeastern district have been assisted by the partnership of an LCEF loan.


Ministry Services

LCEF offers a number of professional services designed to help congregations through the various stages of a building program and might help them with outreach initiatives. These specialized ministry services include:

Other Services Offered:

For information on any services through LCEF, please call the Southeastern District Office at 800-637-5723 or contact Steve Heemann at

Investing with LCEF

LCEF is a unique Lutheran financial organization that empowers ministry. Through the dollars invested by over 50,000 individuals and organizations, LCEF is able to assist ministries with customized loans and ministry support services that help leaders respond to growth and community needs. Your invested dollars directly impact ministry that enables Kingdom work. Eighty percent of Southeastern District ministries have used LCEF to support their ministry efforts.

Our more popular investment opportunities are:

ConnectPLUS: A two-year term note for NEW INVESTORS that pays 3% on balances up to $5,000. Minimum – $500.

PartnerPLUS: A term note for CURRENT INVESTORS that pays 2% on a two-year note or 2.5% on a four year note on balances up to $25,000. Minimum – $500.

Young Investors (Y.I.) Club: Custodial investment for kids ages 0-18 that pays 3.5% on balances up to $1,000 with a minimum of $25 to open. Extra credit deposits for good grades and service hours are also available.

Family Emergency StewardAccount: Great way to set aside emergency funds with a monthly electronic deposit of at least $25 with a 1% interest rate.

To see details for these accounts and all of the other investment opportunities with LCEF, please visit

For a fast form application for an individual investment, please click HERE.

LCEF is a nonprofit religious organization; therefore, LCEF investments are not FDIC-insured bank deposit accounts. This is not an offer to sell investments, nor a solicitation to buy. LCEF will offer and sell its securities only in states where authorized. The offer is made solely by LCEF’s Offering Circular. Investors should carefully read the Offering Circular, which more fully describes associated risks. LCEF StewardAccount access features provided through UMB Bank n.a. The Demand/Dedicated Certificate and StewardAccount are not available to investors in South Carolina. ConnectPLUS is not available to investors in Ohio and Pennsylvania.


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